Build volume (l x w x h)
350*250*300mm Filament Supported PLA of 1.75mm diameter, ABS, HIPS, PETG etc, ABS and PLA preferred
Build speed 10-300mm/s Software Supported Cura, Repetier-Host
Layer thickness 0.05-0.4mm (0.4mm nozzle) File Format Supported STL, G-Code
Printing accuracy ±0.1mm Machine Weight 32kgs
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm Package Size 700*570*680 mm

FU-3525 Commercial 3D Printer

Commercial 3D printer with super large build size and high precision for complicated large models

FU-3525 is a large commercial 3d printer designed with super large build size and high precision, which means large printing models and better printing quality. Double motor double feed structure completely avoids the feeding defects of normal commercial grade 3d printer machine.

Imported core components ensure intelligent control and stable performance. X, Y axis with industrial-grade linear guide rail, linearity up to 0.002mm, can easily achieve precise linear positioning. Printing speed and heating bed temperature are adjustable for different materials and requirements.

FU-3525 Features

Super large build size and high precision for complicated large models

  • Boxed-framework with Quakeproof Foot Pad

    Integrated boxed-framework,
    adding quakeproof foot pad, stable and
    high printing quality

  • Super large build size

    350*250*300mm super large build size,
    the Big Mac among desktop level 3D printers.
    Larger models can be printed at one time,
    fewer restrictions for designers and engineers to perform their creativity.
  • Double Motor Double Material Feeding System

    Double motor double material feeding system
    completely avoids the feeding defects of big machine.
    Smooth material feeding and even output, high positioning
    precision, without the risk of material feeding suspension.
  • Intelligent Motherboard

    Imported core components, super driving chips with
    powerful processor, fast analysis and processing, ensure
    more reliable performance of the printer. With step motors
    to control the printing process methodically.
  • Industrial grade linear guide rail for XY axis

    XY axis adopt industrial grade linear guide rail, linearity
    up to 0.02mm, which ensures high precision linear position.
    Better performance than the printers that uses normal linear bearing.
  • High precision ball screw rod

    Adopt high precision ball screw rod,
    precision is 20 times as the precision of normal screw rod,
    lifetime is 10 times as that of normalscrew rod.