IM-D2020 E2

Build volume (l x w x h)

(single color) 210*195*195mm

(two-tone) 180*195*195mm

Filament Supported PLA of 1.75mm diameter, PLUS, T-PLA, HCPLA etc, PLA as defaulted
Build speed Max. 120mm/s Software Supported Repetier-Host
Layer thickness 0.05-0.3mm (0.4mm nozzle) File Format Supported STL, G-Code, AMF, OBJ
Printing accuracy ±0.1mm Machine Weight 20kgs
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm Package Size 450*440*460 mm

IM-D2020 E2 Desktop 3D Printer

Dual-nozzle extruder for two-tone model printing

IM-D2020 E2 is a high cost-effective desktop 3D printer with dual-nozzle extruder that can print two-tone models, which features high precision, large building size, high speed, large LCD operation interface. It supports multiple languages and various filaments, easy operation and affordable for most hobbyist and 3D printer users.

High performance MK9 extruder, including 35 tooth gear wheel material feeding part, nozzle  with optimized running system ensures high printing quality and speed. Extra cooling fan ensures better heat dissipation, no warping and deformation. Smaller and tiny complicated model can be printed.

IM-D2020 E2 Features

Dual-nozzle extruder desktop 3D printer for two-tone model printing

  • Boxed-framework with Quakeproof Foot Pad

    Integrated boxed-framework,
    adding quakeproof foot pad, stable and
    high printing quality

  • High performance MK9 extruder

    The printing block adopts high performance MK9 extruder,
    including 35 tooth gear wheel. material feeding part,
    nozzle with optimized running system, embedded Teflon
    hollow throat ensures high printing precision and speed.
  • Dual nozzle design extruder

    Extruder adopts dual nozzle design, supports main
    nozzle print model while assistant nozzle print the
    support part, can print two-tone models.
  • Extra cooling fans ensure better heat dissipation

    Extra cooling fans ensure better heat dissipation,
    a controllable fan to accelerate cooling and avoid
    edge warping and deformation, can print smaller
    and tiny complicated model.
  • Improved own-designed hotbed

    Adopts improved own-designed hotbed, large
    temperature-resistance glass platform, max heating
    temperature reaches 100℃, can print heat-shrinkable
    material like ABS, PC etc, short time preheated.
  • Stainless steel screw rod Z axis

    The Z axis is made of T shape stainless steel screw rod
    stepper, large diameter guiding optical axis with
    integrated positioning system, ensure good printing performance.