Build volume (l x w x h)
220*210*200mm Filament Supported PLA of 1.75mm diameter, ABS, PC, WOOD, Flexible PLA, nylon etc.
Build speed Max. 80mm/s Software Supported PROE, Solidworks, UG, 3d Max, Rhino 3D
design software etc.
Layer thickness 0.05-0.4mm File Format Supported STL, G-Code, AMF
Printing accuracy ±0.1mm Machine Weight 10kg
Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm(can be changed to 0.3/0.35/0.5mm) Package Size 455*425*190 mm

IM-I3T DIY 3D Printer

DIY 3D printer with Aluminum frame and platform

The inspiremaker i3 3d printer is the upgraded version of prusa i3 3d printer with high strength aluminum frame and platform instead of plastic frame for more stable and reliable printing and easy installation, excellent printing precision, large printing size, at the same time, it still keeps an excellent extensibility potential for improvement that suitable for beginner and DIY users.

The printing block adopt MK8 extruder, 35 tooth gear wheel material feeding part, optimized running system nozzle, embedded Teflon hollow throat, extra heat sink fans to ensure better heat dissipation.

IM-I3T Features

DIY 3D printer with aluminum die cast frame for better printing precision and quality

  • Die Cast Aluminum Frame

    Die cast aluminum frame for
    high stability and reliability, completely
    aluminum instead of acrylic, better
    printing quality
  • Excellent Extensibility Potential

    Enough room reserved for adding double extruders,
    compatible with short range double extruder.

  • Completely Prewired and Integrated Design

    Complete prewired and integrated design for the power
    supply, mainboard and LCD display, plug and play.

  • MK8 Extruder

    MK8 extruder, 35 tooth gear wheel material
    feeding part,  optimized running system,
    embedded Teflon hollow throat.

  • Extra Cooling Fans

    extra heat sink fans to ensure better heat dissipation,
    a controllable fan to accelerate cooling and avoid edge
    warping and deformation, can print smaller and tiny and
    complicated model.
  • Pulley Instead of Bearing for Driven Part

    The driven part of the belt adopts pulley instead of common
    bearing, no belt abrasion, smooth and steady, longer lifetime.