Innovative InspireMaker


About InspireMaker

Shenzhen InspireMaker Technology Limited is a leading global 3D printing solution provider

  • Our Mission

    From the very beginning, our mission has been to empower
    and inspire people around the world by developing open
    source 3D printers and tools. And thanks to our talented team, that's just what we're doing.
  • Talented Team

    We have over 20 experienced R&D engineers in the field of
    3D printing, which enables us always to be the front runner
    in 3D printing. A production base of over 2,000 square
    meters with 150 employees ensures the lead-time for bulk orders.
  • Shaped for Your Business

    We’re partnering with future-ready companies to develop
    and apply additive technology solutions to advance their businesses and industries

  • Turning Vision into A Reality

    Your needs and aspirations inspire us to utilize our
    technology and materials to enable rapid transformation and
    industry-specific solutions that meet the stringent requirements and specifications
    and specifications of your industry
  • Additive Expertise

    By focusing on transforming supply chain dynamics, we can
    seamlessly merge into your manufacturing and workflow so
    you can lead the way into the future for you company, and
    your industry.
  • Tailored Solutions

    Our uncompromising commitment to innovation marries your
    deep business insight with the decades of additive
    technology experience we bring to help you visualize
    solutions for each specific challenge.