Printing & Consulting Services

Inspiremaker offers an array of services to meet your specific needs, whether you need 3D printed parts or consulting services in conjunction with our printing systems. Inspiremaker strives to be a total manufacturing solution provider by partnering with companies to ease the transition from conventional to additive manufacturing.

Engineering Services

At Inspiremaker, we help our customers to solve problems using our 3D printing technology supplemented with a range of available Engineering Services.

Our process has the capability to print a wide range of materials. As customers explore our system possibilities, we provide support for those who have specific material needs through our technical support department.

If you need assistance in developing a 3D model, Inspiremaker has a number of in house engineers and designers that help our customers design and develop models for printing using our technology.

In addition, we have reverse engineering capabilities for those that already have a physical object that they need to replicate.

Education & Training Services

Our support department delivers a concise training and education program for our customers. Training is offered in both our 3D printing process and our systems.

Each Inspiremaker 3D system comes with a customizable training package intended to meet your specific needs. This allows users to operate the system and print parts successfully as well as integrate Inspiremaker technology into existing processes. The length of training is dependent on the system that is purchased. Custom training can be developed and provided on site, at one of our locations or online.